Graham Senior has worked across all areas of economic and social development with particular focus on skill development and employability issues, economic regeneration, enterprise development and community regeneration.  

A key focus of much of his work over the past 20 years has been to demonstrate the positive economic and social impact of public sector investment in individuals, companies and communities.  He has provided robust evidenced based research outputs to client on how their investment has had positive impacts, which has supported new or continued investment in communities and companies.  

All Bellerby Economics’ work is delivered to our principles and standards of independence and honesty, quality of service, value for money and in forming long term relationships with our clients.   

The main services provided by Bellerby Economics to support these requirements are as follows:

Area Based Economic Analysis 

Graham has undertaken numerous areas based analysis to underpin wider assessment of the need for public sector interventions or as inputs to establishing the impact of public sector regeneration initiatives.   

Graham’s work has involved analysis of local, regional and national economic performance using a wide range of labour market and economic indicators – population, employment and business structure, income levels, economic activity, unemployment and GVA.  He has used large scale official data sets as well as primary research.

Economic Impact Assessments 

Graham has undertaken over 200 economic impact assessments and appraisals (EIAs) aimed at identifying and measuring the economic benefits and costs of projects.  

He has experience of conducting EIA across all areas of economic development interventions – enterprise development, skills development, place development, including environmental projects. His EIAs are consistent with relevant guidance from UK Treasury, BIS and Scottish Government. 

Project/Programme Appraisal and Evaluation 

Evaluation examines the outturn of a project, programme or policy against its objectives. It adds value by providing lessons from experience to help future management or development of a specific project, programme or policy. Appraisals provide an assessment of whether a proposal is worthwhile, and clearly communicate conclusions and recommendations. The essential technique is option appraisal, whereby public sector intervention is validated, objectives are set, and options are created and reviewed, by analysing their costs and benefits. 

Graham uses a wide range of evidence in reaching firm, robust evidenced based conclusions – review of project files, interviews with strategic partners, operational staff and project beneficiaries.

Skills and Employability 

The creation of more high value jobs and the shift toward a knowledge-based economy have led to changing skill requirements, particularly in relation to higher level skills, and increasing emphasis on knowledge creation, transfer and exploitation. At the same time, the UK faces significant challenges with inequality and regional economic disparities, manifest in child poverty and poor employment rates in underperforming areas.  

Graham has worked with a wide range of clients and partners to support the development and improvement of skills and employability initiatives across the UK.  His focus has been across all areas – sectoral skills, leadership and management development, new entrants to the labour market, community based learning, and initiatives targeted at those furthest from the labour market.